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1. When you take lessons in my studio, you won't be treated as another number. I do a complete analysis for each individual and customize areas of need for each student on a continual basis.

2. The fact that I play and teach over 22 instruments has been a help to many parents and students. Parents have brought in young students to play the instrument of their choice and I realize in the first few lessons that another instrument would have been a better choice. Some of the reasons I come to this conclusion can be due to their physical size, coordination or some slight disability that they may have. I explain to the parents why I think this and ask them to keep it in mind in case a problem arises in the future. I usually anticipate this long before they come to see it as a problem. I don’t force the issue, and I let things take their course. Usually within 14 weeks, the parents start to see what I was talking about. At this point, they switch to the instrument that I recommended and 75% of the time, this works for them while the first instrument did not.

Lessons are a chance to get out and do something different once a week. It allows you to have interaction and conversation with someone you have a common interest with. A lot of my adults students have developed a camaraderie with me that goes beyond the lessons.

Taking lessons here will allow you to play with a teacher who plays seventeen instruments and many styles of music.

Music is more than just notes on a sheet and academic work. I teach how to play and improvise with expression, emotion, feeling and stylization. I will play an example and then have the student repeat this. Initially they will not have the same feel when they play it. After they learn and play the notes well, I can show them how to play it with the same stylization that I use. This makes a big difference in sound.

Many different students went on to play more than one instrument because I instilled in them the love of playing. They said that I did this by exposing them to various instruments and different styles of music that can be played. Because I play 22 different instruments and many different styles, these students do not have to look for another teacher. They are able to develop their knowledge of other instruments during their regular lessons where I can tell them and show them what can be done. Students who play only one instrument, have bought several more expensive instruments since they started due to their increased interest and more advanced ability.

Participating in workshops will allow you to enjoy meeting and playing with other people.

If you could experience a fraction of the enjoyment I have had in music, it would definitely enrich your life.

. Lessons are taught 7 days a week, year round, by appointment.

. The teachers don't change like they tend to in other studios. You get continuity in the lessons you are taking.

The waiting room has the current newspaper, magazines, TV and a desk that people can use to do homework or other projects. Current students families will have exclusive use for this area for most of the scheduled lesson.


1. Playing a musical instrument allows you to express your creative self.

. Playing a musical instrument allows you to enjoy the beautiful sound of the music from an instrument of your choice.

Playing a musical instrument allows you to do something challenging and get the satisfaction of achievement.

Playing a musical instrument allows you to have a hobby that you can do by yourself at anytime you have a spare moment and are looking for something to do.

Playing a musical instrument allows you to do something that makes you feel good and it will also help you to relax.

Playing a musical instrument can put you in a better mood when you feel sad or depressed. Music can take your mind off other problems and put you in a better mood.

Playing a musical instrument stimulates the mind more than watching TV (for one example).

Playing a musical instrument allows you to learn something new and exciting.

Music is limitless and refreshing because of the various ways a song can be played in most styles.

There are many things you can buy to expand your interest and what you can do in music. Some instruments offer more possibilities than others.

Your ability to play music can develop envy and respect from other people who admire your achievements.

Music lessons can be enjoyed by almost anybody from age five on through the very late years in life; barring a serious, permanent mental or physical handicap.

You can play an instrument on good or bad weather days, when you are bored, if your friends are not around and when other forms of entertainment are not appealing to you. You will always have an activity when you are looking for something to do. This urge came over me throughout my life. It was always a relief not to have to do something that was not as rewarding. If you watch sports, your team will loose a good percent of the time. This would leave me feeling disappointed. When I finish playing one of my instruments, I don’t have the feeling of remorse that I would have watching my teams play and loose. Now I only read about how my teams do in the paper, due to getting a higher reward from playing my instruments.

There have been many studies and reports that starting to play a musical instrument at an early age has been shown to improve a student's grades in future years.

There have been several reports showing that older people who play musical instruments and involve themselves in other complex mental activities will delay the onset of diminished mental capacity. One states that watching TV is like putting your brain in neutral and does not challenge your mind.

You can play music at your parties, religious gatherings and holidays. Music can make these affairs a lot more fun.

Music is universal because it is played similarly in most of the world. The main thing that changes is the lyrics which would be written in a different language. Music can be a common bond that can be enjoyed with other musicians who do not even share the same spoken language.

Music can be a lifetime of fun and entertainment, so the sooner you start, the sooner you will enjoy it.

This is my wish for you

Greg Madison



I know that you have a choice of music teachers in the area and I appreciate your consideration. My students are always my number one priority.

Please take a moment to browse through my site to learn more about my studio. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

I teach the:
Guitar | Bass | Piano | Violin | Trumpet | Flute | Clarinet | Saxophone | Viola | Cello | 4 -string Banjo |
5-string Banjo | Mandolin | Harmonica | Organ | Drums | Trombone | Flugelhorn | Cornet | Accordion | and others...

The musical styles taught are:
Rock | Blues | Funk | R&B | Rockabilly | Jazz | Classical | Folk | Country | Bluegrass | Reggae | Gospel | Metal | Latin | Brazilian Style | and more... I also train in Theory | Harmony | Improvising | Arranging | Music Transcription | and more...

Lessons Taught 7 Days By Appointment
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Hours - BY APPOINTMENT ONLY: Monday through Thursday are 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM. | Friday hours are 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM | Saturday hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. | Sunday hours are 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Absolutely no visits without appointment.


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